FireCracker ScreenSaver

Your own personal 4th of July, any time you want it.

For those who love to blow stuff up!

Now updated for Leopard!

Fireworks screensavers have always held a fascination for me, from the earliest versions I saw first on MS-DOS, to the newer ones in Linux. Unfortunately, I've never really been totally happy with any of the others, because I could never control the parameters of the simulators enough to make them look the way I see them.

Well, I've been writing particle simulators for a couple of years now, and I thought I'd apply that to my own fireworks screen saver. So here it is!

Highly Configurable Particle Simulation

You can control all the parameters of the simulator, including gravity, the mass of the various particles, the air resistance, etc. Just click the "Configure" button in the screen saver prefs.


(Note: If you have trouble downloading, ctrl-click the link and choose "Download link target to disk")

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