Bursting Hearts ScreenSaver


Now updated for Leopard

It being valentines day, we tossed together this quick little screen saver we call "Bursting Hearts".

It's a simple little thing that shows a fireworks display where some of the fireworks explode in little heart shapes.

Perfect for your sweetie.

Fair warning: This is just something we tossed together for fun. We take no responsibility for any damage it may cause to your computer or your love life. If however it gets you into the heart of that special someone, please come back and buy one of our products.


The Random Ideas Team.


Drag and drop the file "BurstingHearts.saver" to your ~/Library/ScreenSavers directory, then set it as your screensaver in preferences.

(63k .dmg - REQUIRES LEOPARD OS X 10.5)

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