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iZen Garden(TM) for iPad

All the peace and tranquility of a Zen Garden, without the sandy mess!

Cultivate Virtual Peace and Tranqulity

The tradition of the Japanese garden goes back nearly a thousand years in Japanese and asian culture. One of the best known (in the west) forms of this garden is the Karesansui or "dry garden" which is typically formed within a shallow sandpit containing sand, rocks and other natural elements. The sand is usually raked into patterns that suggest rippling water, with the stones suggesting islands. These patterns, which are beautiful and ephemeral, form an abstract art form that calms the mind of the viewer and enhances a meditative state.

iZen Garden(TM) gives you all the peace and tranquility of a beautiful Zen Garden, without the sandy mess!

Every day when you start iZen Garden(TM), you'll be greeted with your "Daily Zen" - a tiny bit of Zen Wisdom to help put you in the right state of mind. A relaxing ambient soundtrack plays in the background. You select a bonsai tree, some stones, some leaves from the over 100 objects included. You rake, creating beautiful circular ripples in the sand. When it's finished, you can fire up the meditation timer and sit in quiet contemplation, or even better, share your beautiful creation with your friends and family on Twitter, or through Email.

"(iZen Garden(TM) for iPhone is)... a true rarity: it’s an app that we continue to enjoy many months after the initial purchase." - iLounge.com

iZen Garden(TM) is an app for creating beauty, and on the big iPad screen it truly shines. You can move and resize the objects using your fingers creating an infinite variety of compositions. When you're finished, you can save your design in the iZen Garden gallery or even save your garden to your film roll and set it as the wallpaper on your iPad.

iZen Garden(TM) is perfect for long meetings, train rides or meditation practice. It helps you to center your mind, relax your psyche and relieve your stress.

Praise for iZen Garden for iPad

"This is a work of art, for a device that is equally a work of art. When that butterfly starts flapping it's wings, life is a happy place." - Francine Hardaway

"★★★★★ - Visually stunning - A benchmark for great iPad Apps!" - brado77

"★★★★★ - One of the best launch iPad Apps" - Codecool


Best of all, when you purchase iZen Garden, we'll donate 5% of our pre-tax net profits to The Tibet Fund. The Tibet Fund is a charity dedicated to preserving the heritage and culture of the Tibetan people.

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