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Power Card

The brainstorming app that will make your creative sessions end in real, actionable plans and that will make your plans can turn into results.

Great Ideas are Nothing Without Execution

In today's world, ideas alone are worthless. You can have the best ideas, but unless you can make a plan and execute on those ideas, they're nothing but ether. Power Card helps you organize your thoughts, assemble your resources, plan and execute your ideas.

When you use Power Card as part of your brainstorming sessions, you'll be able to quickly capture your ideas and tasks. As the ideas flow from you and your team, you can use Power Card's intuitive and familiar index card based interface just as if you were capturing your ideas on a stack of real index cards. You can enter detailed descriptions, time estimates, and assign resources easily and efficiently. After you've captured your tasks, you can link them together to reveal relationships and dependencies. When you understand the dependencies of your tasks, assigning resources and extracting a project plan is a snap!

See Your Ideas In Different Ways

Power Card features numerous different ways to see your plan:

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Finally, as you execute your plan, Power Card will continue to be your companion. You can enter the actual amout of time tasks took to perform and Power Card will automatically adjust your remaining estimates. This way, you'll always be aware of how well you're doing in hitting your milestones.

In the end, Power Card is about capturing, organizing and executing your ideas. Using it, your brainstorming sessions will finally result in actual actionable plans. We encourage you to try Power Card today and start putting your dreams into action!

"This program really hits the nail on the head. I am disappointed I only found it recently. I highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about keeping track of any type of project. Truly innovative IMHO. Hats off to the development team!"

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